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In 2010, I moved to China as a teacher/educational consultant after previously visiting the country several times. What I found was a lack of systematic curriculum to help students learn the English language quickly and correctly. I soon gave up trying to find an effective curriculum that was flexible to meet the needs of my students and began creating my own lessons for each class period. This made an immediate impact on my students.


I spoke with many other foreign teachers who faced the same problem which motivated me to create a curriculum designed to walk students through the beginning stage of learning English to fluency. After years of developing, testing, correcting, and perfecting this curriculum, English Made Easier was created.


As the founder of ASEnglish4u.net, I am pleased to consistently hear from teachers that English Made Easier has been proven to help students with varying levels of experience quickly learn English. This curriculum is ideal for beginners as well as those students who have gaps and holes from other previous instruction. English Made Easier helps Chinese students use hundreds of words they have memorized but don’t know how to speak.


One reason this curriculum is more effective and easier to use than other methods is because our initial book is fully translated to help parents or new learners study from home. As the book progresses, the English tapers off to decrease dependency on translation as the learner increases in skill and confidence. After just one lesson, the learner can have a small conversation! This curriculum teaches learners to speak English quickly.


As you may know, too many Chinese students sit in classrooms without the ability to speak or understand English. English Made Easier solves this problem and students benefit because the lessons teach relevant topics with the designed purpose of helping students communicate.


We started ASEnglish4u.net online in an effort to teach our students using English Made Easier. Because it quickly became apparent our method of teaching was more successful than any other curriculum, our goal is now to equip all teachers in guiding their students in learning English using our methods. In fact, we recently had a teacher join our class because one of her elementary students using English Made Easier became more proficient in English than she was at the time!


It has been such a joy hearing story after story of children and adults overcome language barriers and being able to speak what is on their minds. If you are like I was, searching for the best books that are easily adaptable for each of your classes and students, then please consider English Made Easier.


English Made Easier is now available on Amazon.com and Amazon.cn.  Or, if you’re like me and like a good deal, you can order direct from our publisher at Creatspace.com with promo code VZJJ632K for a 20% discount.


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